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We have linked with a partner who has over 20 years experience in U.S. International Taxation for U.S. Expatriates and Foreign Nationals.


They will prepare your U.S. Income Tax Returns and ensure you are filing accurate & complete U.S. Tax Returns and taking full advantage of the special deductions available to U.S. Persons living abroad, such as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Housing Exclusion, and Foreign Tax Credits. They will also prepare & file your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) Form FinCEN 114 (if applicable), which if not filed results in a minimum $10,000 non-filing penalty imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department.

They can also assist you with International Tax Planning for U.S. Persons to help you lower your U.S. Tax burden.

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We Will Prepare & Electronically File Your U.S. Tax Returns

The preparation of a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return for someone living abroad is more complex due to a number of special deductions and additional reporting requirements. In the U.S. system of Income Taxation U.S. Persons must file annual income tax returns no matter where they live and where their sources of income come from.


We specialize in helping you file complete and accurate returns that reduce your U.S. Taxes by taking advantage of the unique exclusions, deductions and tax credits available to U.S. Persons living abroad.

Providing Us With Your Tax Information Has Been Simplified

For each of our clients, we setup an SSL encrypted and secure Portal that they can log into from anywhere in the world. This Portal guides you and allows you to provide us with all your relevant tax information for us to prepare your U.S. Income Tax Returns. After we prepare your returns, your Client Copies of your returns are placed in your Portal and all Government Copies of your returns are electronically filed. This Secure Portal system provides you with a safe and secure method of providing us with your annual tax information and allows you access to all your annual U.S. Income Tax Returns in one secure yet readily accessible place.

We Prepare Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARs) So You Avoid Large Non-filing Penalties

The U.S. Treasury Department has greatly increased its efforts to ensure that all U.S. Persons whose collective foreign bank account balances are over $10,000 during the year either file a Foreign Bank Account Report or are assessed a minimum $10,000 non-filing penalty. We will prepare and electronically file your Foreign Bank Account Report FinCEN 114 (which has replaced Form 90-22.1 this year) to ensure you are not assessed a non-filing penalty that starts at $10,000.

We Will Help You File Past Years Unfiled U.S. Tax Returns

It is not uncommon for clients living abroad to tell us they have not filed U.S. Tax Returns for years, believing they did not have to. However this is not true and the non-filing of U.S. Tax Returns can result in civil and criminal fines/penalties/tax assessments, freezes on money transfers, detainment at U.S. Borders and even incarceration. We can help you “get current” and file past years U.S. Tax Returns as well as identify options for eliminating or reducing the penalties on previously non-filed U.S. Tax Returns or Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARs).

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