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While S.I.T. is now one of the leading firms in Rome offering company set-up services, its core business has always been dealing with the accounts of individuals and companies alike. Corporate and personal tax rates in Italy are among the highest in Western Europe, and coupled with significant pension contributions and high personnel costs it is highly important to ensure that income is maximised. 

Services Offered

Periodic Returns: S.I.T. can look after all your obligatory returns to the various agenicies in Italy. In fact, and unlike many other countries, it is quite difficult for companies to look after this on their own. VAT returns, Social Security and insurance contributions as well as standard tax returns can all be taken care of by our staff.

Social Security: Registering for, and paying contributions to INPS (the State Pensions system) is, for both companies and sole traders, obligatory and expensive. Unfortunately S.I.T. cannot reduce the level of contributions that have to be paid but we can certainly make the process easier and advise, where possible, how savings can be made. 

VAT: VAT or IVA (in Italian) is obigatory for nearly all types of sales of both services and products in Italy. Offsetting IVA from purchases against those of sales is therefore an extrmely important way of maximising profitability. S.I.T can offer advice on when and where IVA can be offset and can also look after periodic returns of IVA in order to maximise cashflow.

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