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An Italian Representative office is used for promotional and research activities by foreign companies. The office can also be used to issue a payroll for employees who work on these activities. A company cannot use the representative office to generate income in Italy.

What we do...

Preliminary work: Most of the work needed for an Italian representative office can be done in the home company of the head office. S.I.T. will supply you with the necessary documentation and guidelines so that everything can be completed efficiently.

Registration: The key activity is obtaining a fiscal code from the tax office in Italy. Once all the documentaiton from step 1 has been verified S.I.T. will handle this issue directly in Rome. The presence of a legal representative of the head company is not needed.

Other Services: Once the office has been set up, S.I.T. can handle the opening a bank account and also supply the services of a virtual office. Please note, however, that the opening of a bank account will require the translation of company documents from the source country.

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