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S.I.T. can offer a number of solutions based on the type of company you are or whether or not you have an entity in Italy.  Most of the solutions are contained in the following three categories.

Italian S.R.L. or sole trader

Italian entities which need to put employees or consultants on a payroll.

Companies and Sole Traders who have established positions in Italy can easily outsource their payroll requirements to S.I.T.  Contract registrations, payroll production, and the calculation of tax and social security holdings are among the basic services offered by our company. Contact us to get more information.

Italian Office Representative

For foreign companies who want to hire staff in Italy, but aren't certain as to whether they need a fully fledged company.

For many companies, opening a fully fledged company in Italy can be risky, especially if they are not sure if the market is sustainable. At the same time, how can they abide by Italian regulations if they need staff in Italy? The best solution is to open a representative office. In this way the foreign company can safely employ people to assess the market as well as complying with the rules regarding social security and tax witholding.

Human Resources

For companies who don't wish to open a position in Italy.

One of the simplest solutions to companies, especially those who wish to place contractors in Italy, is to outsource everything to a third party. Being based in Rome we can offer this solution to foreign companies. For a flat monthly fee we can look after the payroll needs of any staff you wish to locate in Italy. Tax, social security and the monthly payslips are all handled by us. Contact us to find out our competitive rates.

Our Team

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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